Master "Sciences of Matter", speciality "Nanostructures and Nanophotonics

The speciality entitled "Nanostructures and Nanophotonics" proposes a high-level general education in the field of materials and in the field of both microscopic and macroscopic analysis of their physical properties.

The knowledge and improvement of materials used and designed by men implies necessarily physical investigations on the nano- scale. It therefore crucial to analyze growth (elaboration), optical and electronic properties of nano- objects and nano- structures in detail. Their interactions with photons and charged particles as electrons or ions are also studied.

The aim of this course is to provide students with high-level academic teaching in the field of nanomaterials, surfaces and interfaces. The applications concern the photonic components, the low dimensional structures based on semiconductors, insulators or metals and gas sensors where gas/surface interaction is involved. An optional teaching related to the medical applications of ionizing radiation is also proposed as introductory training.

After this Master, the students can continue their education in the research field within a PhD.

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